My Top 5 Style Influencers

My Top 5 Style Influencers

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

First things first, let’s address the elephant in the room.. I’ve been MIA for like a month, I know. I’m sorry because obviously that is never my intention, but sometimes ‘real world’ responsibilities creep up on you and a break is suddenly in the forecast. BUT we are back and better than ever (hopefully), so let’s get right into this post!

Okay so for those of you that know me, know that I really love some good fashion inspo. and that is pretty much what I’m picking up from these 5 ladies! So today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite influencers and why I think they’re style is 100%!

1. Arielle Charnas from ‘Something Navy’

This one should NOT come as a surprise to many of you. I’ve been following Arielle since I was in high school. For a quick frame of reference, I’m a junior in college now, so at the very least, four years. I’ve even gotten the chance to meet her and spoiler, she’s nothing but sweet, wonderful, and everything in between. But okay, enough gushing..

What I love most about Arielle is that her style is so classic. She keeps her daily outfits simple combining skinnies, a sweater, a blazer/jacket, and a killer pair of shoes and then struts her stuff all over the greatest city in the world (NYC). I think it manages to be youthful but mature, effortless and so chic all at the same time!

And one thing that I think she’s taught me over the years is to love your shoes. She has quite the collection and although I might not be buying Christian Louboutin’s or Jimmy Choos (yet, anyways), I’ve expanded my options quite a bit.

I think there is so much coming from her in the future and I can’t wait to continue following her journey. If you aren’t following her, do yourself a favor and start. Adorable pictures of her daughter, Ruby, included (:

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2. Kristin Johns

I’m a new follower of Kristin’s, and I truly adore her and her style. She brings something different to my style inspo than anyone else on the list. It’s more feminine and flow-y and there is a softness that comes along that I kind of love.

She’s very inspired by unique, thrifted pieces as well as higher end options from Anthropologie or Free People. Her vibe gives me carefree and youthful and although I’m only 21, sometimes I still feel way old, so holding onto as much of that youth is totally up my alley now-a-days.

Honestly, ever since watching her YouTube videos, I’ve been scouring ThredUp and ASOS for new pieces (specifically dresses) that I can add to my wardrobe. It’s been fun and refreshing to feel inspired again after a long winter!

Bonus Jonas: This is kind of irrelevant but she has two golden retrievers, Camper and Honey, and if that’s incentive enough for me to check her out, y’all should too! (:

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3. Lauren Elizabeth

This is another girl I discovered through YouTube and have been following for quite some time now.

Her style is very very chic, and dare I say trendy? Yet at the same time, she’s taught me to invest in quality over quantity, because it is the staple pieces in your wardrobe that are going to go the furthest. She’s also taught me to embrace a good leopard print piece, which I never in a million years thought I would ever be saying, but here we are.

I find that she’s always trying something new and usually is really ahead of the times which I love because sometimes I feel like I’m getting a little sneak peek into what the future of fashion is going to hold.

Not only that, but her approach to a simple, but contoured, make up look is something I’ve been living for since again, my high school days.

She’s another gem, 10/10 WOULD recommend (:

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4. Zoella

Up next, our THIRD YouTuber of the day.

Something that Zoe adds to the mix is a quirkiness that I don’t get from any one else. She has a very vintage/90s inspired style that is somehow modernized and ALWAYS super cute! She can rock polka dots and colored pants for days and I seriously adore it. She also has a very distinct style and that consistency is something I definitely appreciate.

I love that she shows how to really mix and match things you might not expect, and that she also shows clothing that may have been originally thought as ‘ugly,’ totally transformed into the exact opposite.

Be on the lookout, I know she can rock a pretty adorable ASOS outfit, only giving me MORE of a reason to constantly be checking the ‘New In’ section. If you haven’t already, check her out (:

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5. Kim Kardashian West

Last, but CERTAINLY, not least.. My hero, Kimmy K.

Kim is my favorite Kardashian and I live every day for the West family. Seriously, North is already so fashionable that she could have even made this list.

I truly feel that ever since being with Kanye, Kim has elevated her style to an entirely new level. It’s so modern, fresh, and for lack of a better word.. COOL. Yes, it’s sometimes simple and the colors are dull but it’s a look and I’ll practically fight anyone who says otherwise.

She rocks anything from basics to bedazzled and I am seriously so excited to see what else she can bring to the table next.

No matter where she goes, she’s killing it and has definitely taught me that even if you’re just stopping off at a random gas station for gummy bears, you can still do it with high fashion. *Hair flip necessary*


And that concludes this short and sweet style inspired blog post! I have so many influencers that I look up to, but these are some of the ones that came to mind first. If y’all liked this type of post, I would love to do more in the future so let me know in the comments below! I’m happy to be back and I really want to give you all the best content (:

Who are some of your every day style icons? What kind of fashion makes you excited? Let me know your thoughts!


Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye


10 Reasons to Be Excited About March

10 Reasons to Be Excited About March

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Can we believe it is the very last day of February already? As I sadly pack away all of the pink and red pieces in my life, I’m taking a few moments to remind myself why I should be excited for this next month! And spoiler alert.. there are TONS of reasons!

I love taking time out of my day to think about the little things that make me happy and excited, and doing this fulfilled that. So I encourage you to both read on, but make a little list of your own about why you should be excited for the next day, week, or month!

And.. enough chit chat, let’s get right into it!

1. The First Day of Spring! — March 20th

Who doesn’t love the idea of leaving winter behind come March? I’m ready to soak in the sun, take walks outside, and see all of the flowers sprout. Granted, all of that might not happen outside of my head, but it’s the idea that gets me really pumped.

Plus, for all of those on the east coast, can I get a shoutout for free Rita’s on the 1st Day of Spring?? Holla (:

2. Spring Break!!

Whether you’re going on an elaborate trip or just taking the week off at home, I love the idea of a little break. Especially as a college student, sometimes we need some TLC with our dogs and a homemade meal from our mom. ‘Nuff said.

This spring break I’ll be going to Jamaica on a mission trip. I’m extremely excited and can’t wait to see what the trip will bring. I’m sure it will be eye-opening and even tough at times, but I know that with the faith of God I will be able to open my heart and mind.


I’m talking mint nails, mint sweaters, mint sneakers, and mint drinks. It’s the perfect color for March and one that I don’t often acknowledge (sorry, purple is my go-to, always.)! So I look forward to taking total advantage and sporting the shade here, there, and everywhere (:

4. St. Patrick’s Day! — March 17th

Okay, this holiday is definitely underrated (or at least in my world it is)! I remember when I was super young and would set up little traps for the leprechauns in my house.. of course I would always come back from school to see them tampered with and totally empty, but that made it all the fun (thanks mom)!

In the spirit of the holiday, I’m excited to celebrate and make lucky treats! We’ll have to see what comes of that but Lucky Charms sound like an excellent place to start! (:

5. Pi Day! — March 14th

Okay, I hate math and even I can get excited for this one! It was the one day we could always convince our math teachers to let us throw a party, and who doesn’t want to do that when the only other option is geometry vs. calculus?

Plus, one year I made it my mission to learn as many numbers of pi as I could.. I didn’t get far.. but it still has a special place in my heart!

6. Trip to NYC!

As I’ve mentioned before, I work for my school as an event programmer. This month, I get to take a group of students to my favorite place, New York. The day is very low maintenance on my part AND I get paid. It’s seriously the best.

This time I want to have brunch at the Blue Box Cafe, but we’ll see.. I know reservations for the place are crazy but I’m excited to try anyways!

7. Marshmallows!

This is the best month for my favorite sweet treat! Seriously. I think you can use marshmallows in both your St. Patrick’s Day recipes AND your Easter ones (which by the way, will be right around the corner on April 1st!)!

So naturally, this month I will be very excite and probably stuffing my face with plenty of these pillow-y dreams. Yes, please, and thank you!

8. Egg Dying Partay!

Okay, as previously mentioned, Easter is right around the corner, so OBVIOUSLY the egg dying will need to ensue in March! I always loved doing this with my grandparents and am looking forward to being able to do it again this month. I think this could also be something really fun to do with friends as a way to destress. And you can immediately tell who the artistic ones are too!

My eggs always have as many colors as I can get on before they turn brown and naturally plenty of stickers. I’m sure this year will be no different (:

9. The End of the Cold Weather!

Thank goodness. I hate the cold and look forward to the rising temperatures! Walking (not speed walking) to class without a big bulky coat is the best and I can’t wait until it warms up to the point of being able to do work outside again! That’s my absolute favorite thing to do and I get to soak up some Vitamin D in the process. It’s a total win-win!

10. Throwing a Successful Taco Party!

This is another event I have planned for the month of March. Myself and another programmer do this in time with Midterms as a little stress reliever for those on campus. We plan to have tacos, queso, and of course, guac catered to campus as well as plenty of sweets and refreshments.

I can’t wait to crush the theme and have a totally aesthetically pleasing event.. yeah, I’m talking lots of gold, succulents, and tacos. That’s practically all of my dreams come true (:

And that’s about it! Of course there are so many other things to be excited about, but those are just a quick list of 10 I came up with. What are you excited about in March? Let me know in the comments below! I can’t wait to get my hands on a Shamrock Shake honestly..

I hope you are all having a fabulous week and..

Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye

Story Time: Va-Va-Valentine’s

Story Time: Va-Va-Valentine’s

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Okay, so I know I swore last week to never talk about Valentine’s Day again for like a WHOLE 365 days, but I can’t help myself.. I’ve got to get just one more post out (:

This week, I want to tell you a little bit about my Valentine’s Day in a short little story time fashion. Of course short always turns into long with me, and I’m sure this will be no exception, but really I just want to tell you all why my Valentine is so special.

For those of you that might not know, my boyfriend’s name is Seth and this will be the second Valentine’s Day spent together. Now, Seth and I spend lots of time together and do lots of stuff, so although we celebrate how much we love one another always, it’s still nice to have an extra special occasion to do so.

Okay, so let’s rewind. It’s February 14th, 2018. Valentine’s Day. I get up, go to the gym, have a pretty productive morning (making of chocolate covered strawberries included) until it all falls apart.

Unfortunately, I had obligations at school that I just couldn’t get out of without consequences. So Sethy gets a phone call and our dinner and movie date is cancelled for the night. To say I was devastated is an understatement. I love Valentine’s Day so much (obviously) and was really excited to have a night off, but everything happens for a reason and it always ends up being okay in the end.

Sethy obviously assured me it was okay and still came to my apartment that night to spend whatever time we could together. He brought Panera and ice cream from my favorite ice cream shop in Lancaster and although it wasn’t elaborate, it still meant a lot. And so Valentine’s Day was saved and everyone was happy.. thank GOSH.

Rewind again (but also kind of fast-forward?). It’s February 16th, 2018. Valentine’s Day ‘Weekend’. I but weekend in quotes because obviously there’s no such thing, but because Sethy knew that we wouldn’t be able to spend the whole day together on Valentine’s Day he asked me to keep the weekend open for a more spread out celebration.

So like normal, I get up, work, and get ready for the weekend to come and at 5 o’clock sharp Sethy takes me away for a night I know nothing about.

We pulled onto what I thought was just a random street that kind of looked borderline vacant, and he told me we’d be eating at a place called Bube’s Brewery. I didn’t even know what to think, other than that I had literally no idea what he was talking about OR what I had gotten myself into.

We walked into the restaurant and it certainly is nothing like I’ve ever seen before. The main hostess area leads into different parts of the place and it’s honestly cooler than I ever could have imagined. It’s a 19th century brewery, think very prohibition era, and one of Pennsylvania’s best kept secrets.

After a tour around the place, and a more formal introduction to the brewery’s founder, Allois Bube, we were seated in the catacombs for our meal. The menu options were great and could please anyone, yeah I’m looking at all you duck lovers out there, and everything tasted even better!

It was such a nice night and I loved it even more knowing that it was a special occasion. I mean, it’s hard to deny when you’re literally eating by candlelight like x amount of feet under the streets!

And then once we were done with our super wonderful meal, Sethy got tickets for us to do the escape room in the building as well! Now, this is kind of a recent favorite for me. Like I went to one escape room a few weeks ago, and ever since I’m kind of obsessed. This time, it was Seth and I and another couple (we didn’t know them, but they were super nice and still made it a great time), and spoiler alert, we didn’t make it out.

That being said, I actually liked this escape room a lot more than the first one I went to. It was super fun and although there were certain things that hung us up, I kind of thought it was easier to follow. AND some of the items in the escape room were recovered from the brewery (like an old-timey safe that ultimately kept us from our escape) which I thought was actually really really awesome!

And after all of the excitement, we went back home and went to bed for it all to begin again the next day (:

And so let’s follow suit.. rewind pt 3 (but also fast forward pt 2).February 17th, 2018.

We woke up and made breakfast together as normal and really just got to take our time in the morning. Since we didn’t get to see 50 Shades on Valentine’s, I knew that was on the agenda and we hit an early showing. In my wildest dreams there would be a follow up blog post featuring ’50 thoughts I had while watching 50 Shades Freed’, but I’m not currently in the business of making my blog too crazy so I’m going to leave it at this.. Jamie Dornan appeals to me in two cases: 1. when he’s wearing the red room jeans and 2. when he sings (which you would probably already know if you read my last post) and Dakota Johnson makes me question my hair choices.. are bangs in my future? Heck. No. But for a split second she made me have an identity crisis.

And after the movie was over, Sethy told me we were going to a casino for the rest of the day. Okay, now to some that might not sound like the jack pot, but for me, it totally was. I’ve only ever been once, but to say the least I was lucky and it was a lot of fun! Was I as lucky this time around? Definitely not. But it was still a different way to spend the night together.

We bounced around from machine to machine and although I wasn’t lucky, Sethy at least seemed to be doing a little better than me which was exciting (:

We ate dinner at the casino’s buffet and it was super yummy. I always love when dessert time rolls around and we come back with literally a plate piled high with any and all the sweets we can imagine. I’m not really the craziest about peanut butter, but they had some really great mousse that I was a fan of as well as so much more (:

Finally we made our way home again and pretty much passed out. Luckily we made it back safely as it was super snow-y, and I think we passed at least 5 cards off the road on the way.

And for the final time, let’s rewind pt 4 but fast forward? pt 3. It’s February 18th, 2018.

We didn’t have any crazy plans for this day which was nice because we got to just relax and enjoy each other’s company and we finally exchanged our gifts.

On the menu for Sethy, were two new travel mugs/protein bottles, a pair of Uggs slippers (if only I could have captured the confusion on his face when he saw the box.. Uggs.. for men? Who knew such a thing existed), and a few picture of us to hang on the wall. I got the pictures made from an app called Marlee App and I thought they would be nice to maybe eventually make a gallery wall in his apartment.

On the menu for me? A gigantic stuffed dinosaur respectively named Steve (of whom, I already love dearly and my golden retriever will be very jealous of), a bath bomb, and two memory boxes hand made by Sethy himself (one for him and one for me, commemorating our time in Mexico). Plus literally everything we did that weekend.. he’s seriously the sweetest and I adore that he planned it all. I really had no clue what the weekend might turn out to be like and it couldn’t have been more special (I hesitate to say perfect, because there have been lots of times that are just as good, I can’t pick a favorite!)

And that night (although not a part of our official V-day weekend) we went out and had some delicious guac at a local mexican restaurant and spent the rest of the night in relaxing.

And so that concludes a very refreshing and romantic weekend with my Sethy. I loved every second of it and am so happy to have been able to spend a weekend off with him. He puts so much time and effort into our relationship and I appreciate it so much.. find you one like this ladies please and thank you (:

I only wish I had more pictures but that’s okay, I think it shows how much we actually focused on one another and not on capturing everything, but I’ll leave you all with what I do have below (:


I hope you enjoyed this story time and I’ll see you next week with another post.. (or maybe sooner if I get a bonus jonas favorites of NYFW FW18 together)! But..

Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye

50 Shades of ‘Can I Really Achieve Ana’s Berry Lip’?

50 Shades of ‘Can I Really Achieve Ana’s Berry Lip’?

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Happy Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you soul sisters out there. Yes, after this we can FINALLY pretend I’m not the biggest Valentine’s fan and never talk about this stinking holiday again (until next year, of course).

This week I wanted to give a review with a twist.. and so I’m gonna give y’all the 411 on what it’s REALLY like to sport the lippies that Anastasia Steele does in Fifty Shades (Darker)!

Yes, not only am I a mush for Valentine’s, but I’m also totally obsessed with Fifty Shades. Think what you want, but there’s no denying they come out with a bomb soundtrack every year AND there’s ALWAYS some appeal to a love story (even if it’s a little twisted).

So last year, Cosmo released some of the shades Ana wore in the movie, and of course, being the dedicated fan that I am (as well as lipstick fanatic) had to go out and get them. I mean, who doesn’t want to have the most perfect berry lip? Because that is something I’ve been trying to achieve since like high school..

So without further ado, let’s get into it! And stay tuned until the end if you want my opinion on the movie’s album too (spoiler alert** JAMIE DORNAN SINGS A BONUS TRACK, THIS IS NOT A DRILL)!

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset
Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

1. MAC Lip Pencil in ‘Burgundy’ and Glossier Generation G in ‘Jam’


Allegedly, this is the lip combo for when Ana and Christian grace the world with their presence at the Masquerade Charity Ball.

Honestly, I love this combo. I know that in the picture it is most definitely a dark berry (borderline burgundy?), but after a few dabs with a tissue and a little wear on the lip, it’s a pretty spot on color to the one in the movie.. which I mean is to be expected, right? AND to be fair, I maybe went a little ham with the lip pencil.. I think the star here is definitely supposed to be the Glossier lip tint!

Also, if the glossy look isn’t your thing, fear not! It dries down after a little bit to a matte finish and will stay on for quite a while (something that is important to me)! BUT if the glossy look is for you, then just keep reapplying the Glossier lippie to keep you looking fine, fresh, and fierce (:

I also appreciate that although these are two products meant to work together, they can also really do wonders for you separately. Although the Mac lip pencil is a little tough (seriously, it’s so hard and dry to work with at first), it goes really well with a lot of my lipsticks I currently have! As for the Glossier lip tint, this is just an all ’round staple. If at first the application is a bit patchy, you just need to smooth it quickly with a swipe or two of your finger and seriously, this is the most perfect berry. AND because it isn’t a full on lipstick, it’s so wearable!

So on a scale of ‘How much does this make me feel like Anastasia?’: I would say 9/10!


Glossier Generation G
MAC Lip Pencil

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in ‘Heathers’


Okay so like is this not the most iconic lip of the entire movie? Like she’s in this fabulous red dress that she seriously looks SO. GOOD. in and is forreal glowing and then to top it off is she stuns the world with this fabulous red lip, like I die.

Okay but enough gushing (sort-of).

This is actually the lippie I felt stayed most true to the film. I know the picture I chose kind of makes it look like a more bright red but it’s actually pretty dark IRL. And it’s blue-toned which is always the very best kind of red to have.

Honestly, I love this color. The down side is that it doesn’t last all day and can kind of get messy/smudgy. I’m honestly not sure how they didn’t use a lip liner, but if you choose to splurge on this product, I would HIGHLY recommend. Lots of my Kylie Cosmetics lip liners work really well with this red and save my really cruddy application.

The only other downside is that you really want to use a lip scrub before putting this bad boy on. I didn’t and when I tried to even it out, it ended up just looking cake-y and crusty.. a combo NO girl wants after seeing Ana look like an actual Valentine’s Day goddess.

Trust me y’all, this one is worth it. You’ll get lots of compliments and deep down you can thank a silly book that got turned into a silly movie and really no one even has to know your secret! (:

Ana scale?? 9.5/10


Anastasia Beverly Hills

3. Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner in ‘Arabian Knights’


So this is how they achieved Ana’s perfect berry lip throughout literally most of the movie. The makeup artist on set was able to achieve a faded stain by blotting this on the lips as well as a more bold lip by layering it.

When I first tried this, I had a total ‘What the Fudge’ moment. I was like, this has to be some kind of joke because spoiler.. I was NOT looking flawless like my home girl Anastasia. It wasn’t berry to say the least. It was tinted a lot more red than purple than I originally thought it would and was immediately disappointed. I also remember it being glossy, which I also hated considering I’m a matte queen.

I honestly don’t even think I let it on for more than like 10 minutes I hated it all so much.

But then (a little while later.. I’m talking WEEKS) I went back to it and had a totally different perspective. Depending on how you work with it, you can achieve the look you want. It also depends on how long it’s been on your lips. So, in other words, the longer it wears, the more natural and Anastasia-like it looks.

And because it’s a lip conditioner, it is definitely not drying at all, which at this time of the year is wonderful.. crusty lips be gone, please and thank you!

So what once was my worst nightmare actually has become one of my staples. Even though there is definitely color to it, it’s so natural that you can wear it pretty much 24/7. I love the stain finish and am very happy to have added this to my collection (:

Do I feel like Ana yet? Actually, yes (if I pretend I have blue eyes and bangs): 8/10


Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner


**From left to right: Glossier Generation G in Jam, MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil in Burgundy, Anastasia Beverly Hills in Heathers, and Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner in Arabian Knights**

And so that concludes the lipstick obsessed portion of this week’s blog post (: Run, don’t walk, to get these shades and flash your biggest berry-lipped smile with pride. Miss Anastasia has come to our rescue, phew!

And speaking of rescue, what else has come just in time? THE SOUNDTRACK.

Okay, I’m going to try to keep this short because, as per usual, I have a lot of thoughts.

I’ve been waiting so long for this.. seriously, is it just me or has music been sucking lately? And this both satisfied and disappointed at the same time.

The first time I listened to it, I just wasn’t impressed. Yeah there are a few really good songs (list coming shortly), but there wasn’t a ‘moodiness’ to this album like the previous two had that I was missing. AND the songs that I do like, are ones that I don’t really want to listen to after like the 5th time through.

That being said, I gave the album another go and it’s starting to grow on me more.. honestly, after I see the movie I’ll probably be totally sold on it, but these were just my initial reactions that I wanted to share! So if you’re in the market for something new, I would definitely recommend giving the soundtrack a listen. You might find something you really like and you might not, but nevertheless it’s still worth it (:

Here are my top 5 songs:
1. For You – Liam Payne and Rita Ora (gotta support the 1D boys always)
2. Never Tear Us Apart – Bishop Briggs (is anyone getting OG Fifty Shades from the intro? Because I am.)
3. Maybe I’m Amazed – Jamie Dornan (seriously, is there anything he can’t do? You have to listen and you’ll be a believer for life)
4. The Wolf – The Spencer Lee Band (this is one that’s grown on me.. sort of how the Nicki Minaj and Nick Jonas song did on the last album)
5. Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding (if this doesn’t play at the end and through the credits, I’m going on strike, let’s wrap this thing up right!)

Stream the album from Spotify here!

Have any of you seen the new 50 Shades? What are your thoughts and opinions on the series? And what do you think of the lippies? Let me know in the comments below!

I hope you all have the very best day and..

Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye

An Anti-Valentine’s Guide to Fashion

An Anti-Valentine’s Guide to Fashion

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

On this week’s edition of ‘Valentine’s Obsessed’ posts I’ll be sharing with you all some looks you can wear if you aren’t totally into the season, but also low-key still want to acknowledge that February is still a thing.

I think you can find a look in here for anyone, whether you have a S.O. or not. There is casual, cool, and chic all bundled into one here! And to be totally honest, you will definitely see me rocking the leggings and sweater look to bed on more than one occasion this month!

So enough of the chit chat.. let’s get into it!

Look #1 — My Date is Me, My Couch, and an XL Delivered Pizza


I love that this is an outfit you can wear anywhere (except maybe not somewhere you have to be majorly decked out for). But seriously, you can run to the store, to class, to bed, to the gym, ANYTHING in this look! Is it the most chic thing in the world?? No. But it’s cute, snuggly, and also serving major truth… In other words? Pizza, always.


I also love that this is a look that you can make your own with so many different types of shoes. Obviously here I paired it with some Dr. Martens and some cabin socks, but it would work with sneakers or Uggs too! And yes, I did just say Uggs.. I know they’re total space shoes but I can’t deny their convenience sometimes!


My sweater is from Wildfox (seriously, it’s my favorite thing ever) and is an XS.. it’s totally huge though so maybe keep that in mind if looking for one for yourself! And my leggings are Lululemon (: I would definitely recommend!

Look #2 — In Your Dreams


This is another outfit that is serving truth but also in a cool girl way. I love that the jumper is baby pink and has a peplum, but then is contrasted by the text saying something a little more edgy. I think that it’s really cool paired with black ripped jeans and the pink shoes really tie the whole look together!

This is another one that you can pretty much wear any time. It’s like you really put minimal effort into your look but still look put together!


My jumper is from a UK company called Lazy Oaf. They are seriously so unique and cool, and if you have never heard of them or checked out what they have to offer, I would DEFINITELY recommend doing so! Their sizes tend to run big, but for the price and individuality this brand is a must!

My jeans are from Topshop and my shoes are Adidas, both of which are staples whether in the month of February or not (:

Look #3 — Burgundy


This is for the girls out there that just live for a skirt/dress moment. I love that this is a super cute, but simple outfit and it’s versatile in so many ways! You can add tights, boots, sneakers, heels, etc. and make it a totally new/spiced up look!

The colors in this one aren’t ‘In Your Face’ Valentine’s, but still stay true to the reds and whites of the season (:

It’s a very crisp, classic, and wonderful outfit idea that you could wear seriously all. day. long. It’s THAT comfy!


Both the sweater and skirt are from American Apparel (my tried and true), and my shoes are my classic white vans (which spoiler alert, are not white anymore).

And that concludes this week’s ‘Anti (but still kind of pro) Valentine’s Day Lookbook’! Again, these are all looks I can see myself wearing all month long! And the best part about all of them is that they can easily transition into something totally different just by switching out a piece or two!

What did you guys think about another one of these short little outfit posts? I love getting to show off things from my closet and give some inspiration to others as well! Let me know in the comments below!

I hope you are all having a fabulous week (and if you’re on the East coast, are maybe enjoying a snow day too!)!

Next week I have something special planned and it MIGHT involve some Fifty Shades.. but until then,

xx.Britani Skye

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

As we all know, we’re approaching Valentine’s Day! I used to be a total Scrooge when it came to this holiday, but that was before I was first of all comfortable with myself and being single and then before finally having a boyfriend worth celebrating it with. So that being said, even if you’re an independent lady out there celebrating galentine’s day or having a cozy night in, this list could be the inspiration you need to treat yo’self. OR, if you really need help thinking up cute, sentimental gifts for your significant other (or otter, as I affectionately like to think of it), this list is going to be perfect for all (:

So let’s jump into it!

Male Gift Guide

Let’s do the men first because obviously THEY’RE the difficult ones (:

1. A watch

I don’t know what it is about a man wearing a watch, but I’m super into it right now. Seriously, it looks so good. And the best part about this gift idea, is that you have so many options. You can go sporty, simple, or over-the-top if that’s something he’s into.

Plus, although this gift is definitely practical, it’s can also be a staple in his wardrobe. Now, I’m not saying you need to try to make him more stylish than he is already, but there is something I like about knowing I picked it out and he’s wearing it. If you’re like me, you’ll definitely get that satisfaction with a watch (:

I’ve listed some of my favorite options below!

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 1.07.35 PM


Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 5.04.10 PM


Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 5.08.37 PM


2. Shoes

I’m listing this one next to get out of the way all of the ‘wearable’ options. This is kind of a classic option. In my experience, guys kind of have a thing for shoes as well. And again, you literally have the world at your feet when it comes to options. You can opt to get him a pair he either really needs, or maybe a pair that you think will just add a little something extra to his wardrobe. Either way, it’s a win-win!

Right now, I’m loving Adidas sneakers for guys. I think the army green and beige/tan colors are super on trend and would work for any guy!

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 5.10.24 PM


3. A basket with alllll of his favorites

This could include his favorite snacks, gift cards to places you like to eat out together, or even some of his favorite movies etc.

I feel like this gives a chance to be a little more creative, sentimental, and prove that you really listen/pay attention to things about him.

Plus, isn’t it like a rule of thumb that guys love to eat? So I feel like too many snacks could never be a problem, especially if they’re ones he enjoys (and you aren’t making him gain weight in the process) (:

4. Something sentimental

Okay so I know this is kind of broad but I feel like on Valentine’s Day you always feel more inclined to kind of get him something special, or at least I do anyways.

Some gifts that I think are absolutely adorable are those little books that have fill in the blank spots and keychains that you can get a picture of you two on or engrave a special date.

Last year I filled a jar with notes about why/what I love so much about my boyfriend and folded them up into little paper cranes. It’s cute, thoughtful, and can be enjoyed for more than one night (unless you have a super eager one who has the patience to unfold them all)!

Of course I really encourage you all to kind of think out of the box for this one because it’s so much more memorable if it comes from the heart (:

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 5.17.26 PM

Knock Knock

5. Tickets

These could be tickets to anything. A game, a concert, a show, literally ANYTHING. But it’s something you get to do together and you can even throw in that you’ll get dinner that night as well.

Memories are so priceless and although this might lean towards the more pricey end of gift getting, I think the thought would go a very long way.

Female Gift Guide

1. Flowers

Let’s start with the cliche stuff first, okay? I don’t care what anyone says, there is nothing sweeter than someone bringing you flowers. Yes, I know that they’re just going to die, but they’re the most perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

They’re simple but make any room just a little brighter, and honestly, they have the power to make your SO feel so special. So never underestimate these. And even if your girl tells you she doesn’t like flowers, she’s probably lying just a little bit, because you can never truly erase the ‘basic’ in every girl’s soul.

2. Dinner

This is also another really simple one and can go either one of two ways. You can either A) Plan an elaborate night out and surprise her with an entire date night or B) Plan a cozy night in with her favorite take-outs (AKA that means pizza x10000 in my language)

The thought is so sweet and I’m pretty sure most girls like not having to plan or worry about anything for a night. I know I love when my boyfriend plans our dates and I’m pretty much just along for the ride. I think it’s so sweet and I love knowing that he actually had to put thought into it.

3. Something you think your date would look good in — Ex: A dress

Okay so yes, I know this is kind of vague but I really think it’d be adorable if you went to/shopped online at one of her favorite stores and picked something out that both you would love on her, and that you think she would actually like as well.

Maybe it could even be something you have for her to wear on the date you planned for the night, who knows, but it’s super sweet again knowing that you actually took the time out of your day to search for something nice.

I included some of my favorite options below for those of you looking for some inspiration (:

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 5.22.09 PM


Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 5.27.18 PM


4. Home Decor/Prints

Hear me out. I know this doesn’t scream Valentine’s Day, but I kind of love the idea of a guy buying me something for my room/house.

Especially if it’s art/a cool print. Seriously, you can find stuff like this at Urban Outfitters so it’s not like it’s difficult, and it’s actually a really cool and unique idea.

Or if you aren’t confident in your artwork picking abilities, you could always opt for a candle or even pictures that you like of the two of you. They’re really all good options!

Again, I included some of my favorites for you all below (:

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 5.37.39 PM


Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 5.38.58 PM

5. A simple piece of jewelry

Girls love jewelry. I might not be one of those girls, but I would appreciate something simple and meaningful if it ever came my way.

This would be something like a delicate necklace that borders on simple choker or a thin banded ring with some small, main detail.

It’s something that a lot of girls will wear with pride, and almost every day. Yes, it’s stereotypical, but it’s Valentine’s Day and you only get to be super mushy like this pretty much once a year so why not just 100% go for it, right?

Some options for y’all below (:

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 5.41.07 PM


Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 5.48.48 PM


Okay so obviously I broke these categories up into both men and women, but really they can be swapped and customized for both, so of course, take it all with a grain of salt (:

I hope these ideas were able to give you all some inspiration and most importantly I hope you have a fabulous V-day whether you’re single, in a relationship, or it’s complicated (AKA dating a celebrity who doesn’t know it yet).

Let me know what you think in the comments below and what you’ll be getting for yourself/someone else OR hoping you’ll get this year! And..

Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye

OOTD: 3 Valentine’s Day Dress Ideas

OOTD: 3 Valentine’s Day Dress Ideas

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I hope you are all finding yourself happy and healthy on this hump day! Today on the blog I wanted to share three dresses I styled for a cute Valentine’s Day pick me up. In case you didn’t know.. I actually LOVE Valentine’s (hence the early holiday post)! I just wanted to give you all some inspo for whether you’re just trying to look like you have your life together during the day or need some day to date night inspiration. Either way, I think these outfits will work for you! And that being said, let’s just get right on into it!

Up first is this classic (but edgy) red and black combo! It doesn’t scream Valentine’s Day fanatic when you pair it with a cool jacket, but could easily transition into a more feminine night time outfit without it.

I paired it with a cute pair of boots but it could really go with anything! Heel? Flats? Sneakers? You name it! And that’s something I love so much about this one. It’s just so versatile (:

Unfortunately I can’t say much for the outfit details, but the dress is one I bought forever ago from American Apparel, the shoes are from ASOS, and the jacket is from Express! All very affordable options that will keep for months if not years!


Next up is kind of what I like to refer to as the ‘Cool girl celebrates V-day’ look (: Like she doesn’t care about the mush and gush, but also totally does. It’s like she asked herself the question: ‘How can I indulge my guilty pleasure but still keep up my street cred?’. Haha, I’m joking of course but that’s how I picture it going down.

I love the crushed velvet and that the color is much deeper than a traditional cherry red or a bubblegum pink.

Of course you can also make this more feminine with a pair of black tights and some peep-toed heels, but I love pairing this dress with platforms. I think it really drives home the edgy vibe and whether you’re going out with friends or your S.O., everyone knows you’re a force to be reckoned with!

Again, these were items I’ve purchased quite awhile ago so the exact thing isn’t out there, but the dress is from Forever 21 and my boots are from H&M (both a total steal, seriously this outfit was probably less than $50. Bless.)!


And last (but obviously not least) is a lighter take on Valentine’s Day.

I seriously am obsessed with this one. The dress is super feminine and paired with the pink jacket, still manages to feel delicate. I think the jacket adds a really nice element. It doesn’t overpower the look or make you look tough, but actually brings to light a softer side.

I love that this is a look you can pair with sneakers too because although you could totally rock this on a night out, it brings a casual-ness to the outfit and is something I could totally see myself rushing off to class in!

Again, the dress was from American Apparel, the jacket is from ASOS, and the shoes are my tried and true Vans (seriously, you’ll see these in everything I wear) (:


And that’s the end of the show! A short one this week, I know.

I really hope you enjoyed this super short and sweet little Valentine’s themed OOTD! Like I said, I really enjoy this holiday and wanted to put together a few (kind of stereotypical) looks!

What are you planning to rock this February? Let me know what you think of these looks in the comments below and..

Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye