‘Crew’-sing Into Spring

Hello Everyone!

Can we all just agree right off the bat that this Monday was just not meant to happen? Actually, correction. This entire week is just not meant to happen. Helloooo stress. But also helloooo spring weather, thank GOD.

So anyways, in the midst of all this work, what’s more stress relieving than a massive shopping spree? Nothing. Retail therapy is real people. If only someone can get my mom to believe that too..

So after a major dose of “take my money,” I wanted to show off one of the outfits I recently bought!

Background: This shopping trip wasn’t completely unwarranted. I got a new summer job that requires “business attire” and my training begins this coming Friday, so I grabbed my purse and took the trip to the Hershey outlets. Spoiler–If you haven’t picked up on my cues: It was a successful outing.

I stopped into J. Crew first and it must have been my lucky day because literally everything in the store was 50% off AND for every $100 you spent, you got a $20 gift card. Ugh, now THAT’S music to my ears.

So naturally, I got quite a few pieces (all classic and totally wearable for life) but I think my favorite outfit features this rainbow-esque pencil skirt.

Now I know what some people might be thinking–U. G. L. Y. You ain’t got no alibi you ugly. To which I would probably respond “Yes. But doesn’t it grow on you the more you look at it?? Yeah, I thought so, me too.”

I originally had it paired with a plain, white, long sleeve button down but as I was checking out, one of those HUGE model pictures they have hung up at the register basically spoke to me and told me to go find this new shirt and pair it with the skirt. And I mean, who am I to say no to the fashion gods practically whispering in my ear what to do, right?

So we’re left with what I would like to call this spring cupcake masterpiece that I’m 100% in love with! Enjoy! But also excuse the hair because it’s a hot mess express.

**Also, I probably would have paired this with white shoes rather than black but I came home for the weekend so most of my shoes were abandoned in my dorm. Sorry!

***Also, also. I highly recommend scrolling through these pictures while listening to Harry Style’s new single Sign of the Times. It has no relevance but I just had to represent my boy in here somewhere. So proud, ugh. But that can maybe be a WHOLE other post one day so I’ll keep it brief with that (:

I hope everyone has a great rest of their week and finds some spring inspiration from this look!

Have a Happy and Safe Easter

xx.Britani Skye


TopSkirtShoes (Similar)IMG_2208IMG_2219IMG_2221IMG_2218IMG_2236IMG_2212

Bonus Jonas: Probably laughing at something my mom is doing behind the camera. Also probably thinking about how this skirt makes me look like a cupcake in this picture..

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