Story Time: Treetops Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

For all of my ‘outdoor-sy adventure lovers’ out there, this one is for you!

My boyfriend and I recently took a day trip to Camelback Mountain Adventures where we climbed their Tree Tops Ropes Course, and let me just tell all y’all.. it. was. so. FUN.

For those of you that might not know what exactly a ropes course is, it’s basically a hybrid of rock/ladder climbing, obstacles that you cross to get from tree to tree, and zip lining. There’s so much more than just that simple summary, but to get an idea, that’s probably good enough.

The course that we went on has five levels, so obviously you start at level one and work your way up. At the end of each course, you have the option to either stop or keep going, so if the idea of going through all five courses is daunting to you, you definitely have options. The only thing is that once you get down, you don’t go back up, so be careful when making the decision if you think you’re just going to take a quick lunch break and then get right back to it!

The course opens every half hour, and this is when your group gets harnessed up, has a brief safety tutorial, and are set free to climb all on your own. The freedom that I feel you have with this course is incredible. You are completely on your own in the trees and the guides will only come assist you if you call them.

Of course you can also go the speed you are most comfortable with but I will also warn that sometimes you may get stuck behind a group that takes their time more than others and that can get boring if you are just standing around waiting to get from one obstacle to another; however, this doesn’t happen too extremely and definitely does not take away from any of the fun for me personally (just another thing to think about)!

So as I mentioned before there are five courses to get through. Of course it starts out super basic but by the fifth course, you’ll be ready for the adventure to end. Trust me on this one.. there were people who had to turn back on the last one as it was too hard! I probably would have too, had I not found a way to zip line across instead of using all of my upper body strength (which is literally 0).

But regardless of how many courses you choose to do, it is a really gratifying experience. You get to spend an entire day in the trees, there are minimal bugs, not a lot of direct sunlight (thank goodness for shade), and really awesome company.

If you have ever thought about doing a ropes course, I would highly recommend it! Like I’ve said a zillion times already, it’s a lot of fun, and truly does not require a lot of upper body strength or a fearless personality at that. You are 100% safe at all times on the course, and even if you are afraid of heights, you will feel secure (even at about 85 feet in the air).

So, in the effort to keep this a short post for once, I’m going to leave you with some pictures that a photographer took while we completed the course. Enjoy, and..

Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye


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