Does Dry Brushing Really Work: Benefits & Tips

Happy Thursday Everyone!

A.K.A. Happy Rupaul’s Drag Race Day!

Today on the blog we’re going to talk about something a little gimmick-y that you may (or may not) have been wondering about.. dry brushing.

What is it? Why should we care? And does it really work? Are all questions I wondered myself and will be answering for you today! So let’s get right into it and learn a thing or two about this little technique!

What is dry brushing?

Okay, so for those of you that are unfamiliar with it dry brushing is basically just taking a bristled brush to your bare skin and brushing in a specific direction to maximize on health benefits. These benefits include exfoliation and stimulation of the lymphatic system (amongst others that will be touched upon later).

Brushes can be found literally anywhere but I purchased mine from Amazon. They can have a long handle to get to hard to reach places on the back or they can be hand held. Mine is hand held, but maybe in the future I’ll look into getting a different one.

Although you can get your brush practically anywhere (Target, T. J. Maxx, Walmart, etc.), be aware that some may be softer than others. The one I got from Amazon is perfect for me. It isn’t uncomfortable at all; however, for those that have dry brushed before, it may even be considered too soft. Moral of the story is, is that the brush shouldn’t be so rough that it’s breaking your skin when being used, but some redness is normal!

Brush I Bought from Amazon

How do you dry brush?

I, as well as many others, would most likely recommend dry brushing before you shower. In this way you then just want to take your brush and go in vertical sweeping motions starting at the feet and working your way up towards the heart.

I normally will go pretty quick up my legs, move on to my arms, and then take some time on more sensitive areas around the belly.

Many people will then take their shower as usual and then afterwards apply a natural oil. I normally just stick to a moisturizer because I’m picky about what kinds of smells I put on my body, and I still think I’ve noticed results!

Dry brushing is normally recommended a few times a week in order to see the maximum results and I would have to agree. I do it about 3 times per week and for me, this seems to be a good amount (:

Benefits to Dry Brushing

1. Exfoliation

Okay this is a no brainer, right? You’re literally rubbing all over your skin with a (soft) bristled brush. Obviously any dead skin cells are going to get demolished.

For me, this is the most noticeable benefit. Beware: The first time you dry brush, your skin will probably freak and look mega scale-y/dry afterwards but don’t worry, after a few times and some good moisturization (is this a word??), you’re skin will be soft and glowy in no time.

2. Lymphatic System Drainage

The lymphatic system is just another one of the body’s systems and is crucial for detoxification of tissues. Therefore drainage is important to ensure buildup doesn’t occur. When dry brushing, there are specific areas and circular motions you can do to target your lymph nodes and help promote that drainage.

Will you know you’re doing it? I’m still not sure I’ve seen a difference but I like to think it’s good for my body (:

3. Reduction of Cellulite, Improved Muscle Tone, and Unclogged Pores

Again, this one is still out for determination. I mentioned earlier that you definitely do exfoliate your skin so maybe this is a ‘side effect’ of that? Maybe, dare I say, placebo? Most likely yes, but again it’s worth a try, right? You’re getting other really good benefits so if this is just another one, then you can’t really go wrong!

If this is something you would be interested in, you might want to try specific oils that can help!

As far as unclogged pores are concerned? I can see this being a benefit. Again, I can’t actually know for sure but you’re exfoliating your skin and in my mind I can just see the pores of your skin finally being able to breathe.

Allegedly this unclogging of the pores will aid with better digestion too, which is something my very poor digestive system would like to believe is happening (:

4. Improved Circulation

Because you’re brushing your skin, the abrasive-ness of the movements help to bring blood to the surface of your skin. In addition to this, because of the way it is suggested to brush the skin, in short strokes towards the heart, it is helping even more move that blood.

This definitely happens, you might not necessarily be feeling the benefits of this in the moment but it’s just common sense that this is good for your skin and overall health!

5. Stress Relief

Okay this one is kind of a stretch but it could be a benefit. If nothing else, I will let you all know that dry brushing just feels good. It’s like an itch you can’t scratch and then all of a sudden you hit that sweet spot and it’s all good again.

Also, like I mentioned before, many people opt to do this right before jumping into the shower so after a majorly long day, this becomes a ritual people look forward to in order to just decompress.

I’m definitely not claiming dry brushing will solve your problems, but it’s become an unexpected treat in my grooming routine and I’m sure it is for many others as well.

My Opinion

I never really thought I would be saying this but.. I love it. Not only does it just feel good to do before you take a shower, it definitely has approved the appearance of my legs (perfectly in time for the summer months). Because you’re exfoliating the skin, I find that when I shave it gets closer to the root and that I actually have to then do it even less.. which that’s the real goal here, right? My legs are glowy and moisturized in a way they never have been before and considering the only thing I’ve changed is adding this to my routine, I can confidently say dry brushing is certainly worth it.

I’m not sure if it really does reduce the appearance of cellulite, but considering all of the other benefits that you are going to get, it’s worth it to try out. Maybe I’m just not using the right oil to get the maximum effect, but because I’m truly just not that big into oils to begin with, that’s alright.

My only regret is not taking before and after pictures to show you guys, but I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it please and thank you (:

What do you guys think? Is this just a placebo effect or is it the real deal? How many of you dry brush already and how many of you think you might start trying it? Let me know in the comments below!


Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye

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