Black Friday Deals I Won’t Be Missing!

Black Friday Deals I Won’t Be Missing!

Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Despite feeling disappointed in myself for needed to take some time away from my blog, I am so thankful for the journey it has taken me on the past 7 months.

We all know that life sometimes gets in the way and that’s totally okay, so I do just quickly want to update you all and say that I can’t promise how consistent my posting schedule will be until the end of the school semester. Girl has to pass her classes, yanno?

I also just want to take a few moments and talk about what I’m thankful for, especially considering the occasion (:

1. My family and friends
2. Delicious food (yeah, I’m looking at you mashed potatoes)
3. My heath
4. Music (Kiwi on repeat always)
5. New York City (:

And without further ado, I want to give you guys the 411 on a few of the sales this Black Friday that I think are 110% WORTH it!

1. Zara

This is a no brainer. I don’t often get to actually go to a Zara in store, but on Black Friday, I haul my butt up to the city and you better believe I’ll be strutting on in to score majorly.

Last year they offered 20% off everything. Let me repeat, EVERYTHING. That’s kind of unheard of. And this year, they seem to be tight lipped on what they’re offering, but I’m sure it’ll be awesome and I’m beyond ready to check it all out (:

2. Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Okay, first of all? The 2017 Holiday collection? Amazing. Sadly, that isn’t on sale, but everything else will be! And spoiler alert.. The discounts? They’re beyond.

Almost everything will be 40% off, and do you know what that means? Skin frosts for literally $17, and eyeshadow palettes for less than $30. That’s a steal and a half. Plus you know Jeffree is the real deal. The pan sizes are huge and the color pay-off always delivers.

So in other words, Neffree here I come!


3. Saks Fifth Avenue

Like I mentioned previously, we make it a tradition to go to the city on Black Friday. Now, we don’t get up super early but we’re there by 9 and shopping definitely by 10.

Last year, we wandered around Saks to see the window displays and stumbled on literally the BEST sale of the year.

Wrapped around the entire store are hundreds of racks with major designers for mega discounts. Of course, they’re still pretty expensive, but at least maybe these prices won’t make your heart stop completely.

My mom bought be my first pair of Rag & Bone jeans from this sale last year, and they have been my holy grail ever since.

Also, this is a sale you definitely want to get to a little early. The earlier you arrive, the better the discounts and size selection will be. Trust me, it is seriously the very best.

4. Bandier

Okay this makes the list because athleisure, am I right? Who doesn’t want to be comfy AND still stylish literally all stinking day long? And this store sells it for major bank in my opinion. So when they offer 20% off everything, INCLUDING sale I feel like you need to jump on it.

Leggings that are originally over $100 are down to $40-50 so I wouldn’t sleep on this opportunity because I’ve noticed sizes are going FAST. Plus, bonus jonas.. this sale is happening as we speak. So let me repeat, run. Don’t walk (:

5. Winter Village at Bryant Park

Okay so this one isn’t really a sale, but it’s still something I won’t be missing on my day in the city.

I love to see all of the little shops they have and I especially love to munch on a Pickle Me Pete fried pickle at the end of a long day. There is seriously nothing like them, and if you haven’t tried them yet? 10/10 WOULD recommend. Honestly? If you take nothing else from this blog post, keep on your radar Pickle Me Pete pickles and I’ve done my job (:


But anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed my super quick a brief overview of some of the sales I know I will be shopping. Of course there are seriously a MILLION you could talk about, but I just wanted to include the ones that I think are really worth it at the end of the day!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and that you get to spend it watching the Macy’s Day parade (Dear Evan Hansen, yes please), filling your bellies with delicious food, and relaxing with your families/friends.

Take a moment to realize all that you’re blessed with and..

Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye


Treasure & Bond x Something Navy: Review and OOTD

Treasure & Bond x Something Navy: Review and OOTD

Happy Monday Everyone!

This week I have for you a special ‘Outfit of the Day’ type post fused with a review!

For those of you who might not know, Something Navy (AKA Arielle), has been my favorite (and first) fashion blogger for the past 5 or so years. I stumbled on her instagram page when I was in an 11th grade psychology class, and I’ve been hooked ever since. So if there is anyone reading this right now, I would 10/10 recommend checking her out as she has such great personal style, a kind heart, and a totally cute kid (seriously, the daily dose of Ruby is much appreciated)!

But anyways, Arielle recently collaborated with Nordstrom and Treasure & Bond and released an entire line of clothing! Not only are the clothes REALLY cute, but they’re also really affordable as well, which of course my wallet always appreciates.

Leading up to the release, Arielle had been dropping little sneak peeks and I knew there were a few items that I just had to have. Unfortunately, I was unable to get my hands on the orange sweater, but considering that I was able to track down everything else, I would consider it a win-win.

And yes, you read that right. I literally had to TRACK DOWN most of these items. There was a technical issue on Nordstrom’s end the day of the release, and by the time I realized the items were online, like 98% of them were sold out. So naturally, I called practically every Nordstrom on the west coast that I could find until I found one with the item and size that I needed. This was probably like a two hour affair at least, so that’s what I would like to call dedication (:

So anyways, I wanted to show off the items that I managed to snag! The first one was the ‘Wrap Cardigan’. This is something I knew I needed in my life. She posted a picture of her wearing it the night before the released and I about had a heart attack. It’s so cute and unique, and I truly fell in love at first sight.

I love that it has a deep V neckline, and that the fabric is so soft and that this piece will really easily transition into fall and winter months! My only regret is that I didn’t have the belt that Arielle wore when styling this cardigan, because that combo was amazing together.

If you can’t tell, I really loved this cardigan. The only thing that I will warn is that if you can still get your hands on it, SIZE DOWN! This is something I didn’t realize to do, and the XS ended up being a little big so I had to go with the XXS (yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever been that size).

Pairing this with a black pair of skinny jeans and a pair of simple heels really made me feel like I was on top of the world. Love, love, LOVE this outfit (:


Next up is a kind of 2-in-1 deal. First on the list is the ‘Ruffle Cuff Tunic’ in the blue color. I didn’t realize when buying this that ‘tunic’ was in the name, so when I saw it in person I was kind of surprised at how long it was, but now.. it totally makes sense.

This is just another super unique piece. I LOVE simple button downs and the fact that this one just had something a little extra going on with the sleeves, made me gravitate to it even more. I mean the detailing is so subtle and delicate that it’s hard NOT to want to buy like 30 of these.

Here, I tried to tuck it in and for the most part it worked, but like I said earlier, SIZE DOWN!! I have an XS in this, and I definitely think that the XXS would have again been a better fit. Unless of course you’re into the oversized look, then go with your normal sizing (:

And finally, the last piece I got are the ‘Kaine Strappy Mule’ in the silver faux leather. Honestly? I think these are my favorite. I don’t have a single pair of shoes like this, and I love that they are giving me edgy but also sophisticated at the same time.

Like in a weird way, I can totally picture Harry Styles coming out in a pair of these (actually, maybe if they were boots it’d be more likely.. but you catch my drift).

I wear so much black that I know these will spice up my wardrobe and probably be a total conversation started. Not to mention, that they are actually super comfortable and fit like a glove. For these? DON’T size down, they fit perfect (:



As for the rest of the collection? I loved it all. If I was a millionaire I would have every single piece but I just wanted to showcase some of it and really tell all y’all just how great the collection truly is. If you can still get any piece, I would encourage it as they’re all timeless, effortless, and super stylish.

The handwork that Arielle put into the collection really paid off and I couldn’t be more proud! Either way, I hope you all enjoyed this short little review/OOTD and got some fall inspiration for your wardrobe! But..

Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye

OOTD: Stripes and Sweater Dresses

OOTD: Stripes and Sweater Dresses

Happy Friday Everyone!

I know I haven’t come at y’all with an OOTD recently, so I thought it would be fun to do a simple sweater dress that you can wear in the coming months transitioning from summer to fall weather!

Let me just start out by saying.. I. Love. This. Dress.

It’s from ASOS and it’s in a size petite (they also sell it in regular sizes too!), which is a super bonus because there is nothing I hate more than falling in love with a dress and then looking like a potato in it because it’s just too long or the fit is just a little off.

It’s also mostly black with little pops of color. I think the pink and grey keep it trendy but throwing in the neon yellow/green stripe gives it a little something extra and makes it 10x cuter (how could that be possible, right?!)!

It’s also a knit material! So it’s light enough that you can start to wear it now, but also heavy enough to keep you warm when the cooler weather starts to kick in. Plus, it’d be super cute layered with a jacket as well, and can even transition into winter as well! For me, that’s really important. I love being able to wear pieces that I love year-round, and I think this dress could easily do that for me.

Not only is it simple and cute, it’s so easy to dress down as well. I paired it with some Adidas in these pictures, but the possibilities are endless! I love that sneakers really can vibe with it, because when I’m rushing to class, I know I want to be comfortable and not slowed down by my footwear.

I also love that the fit isn’t a bodycon. I know some people love that, but I like to be able to breath (and eat an entire Chipotle burrito without my food baby showing), and the looseness around the waste is perfect while still being totally flattering!



So do you all understand how much I love this dress yet? To sum it all up, it’s simple, but cute, and really wearable! And really, what more could you ask for now a-days??

I hope you enjoyed this super quick OOTD, but..

Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye

Off to the Races: OOTD

Off to the Races: OOTD

Happy Friday Everyone!

Aaaaannnndd we’re back with a good ol’ outfit of the day! This one is inspired by a navy printed dress that I snagged from an ASOS sale. All together, it gives me ‘British Teaparty meets An Afternoon at the Derby’ vibes. I know you’re probably all thinking, ‘Is that even a thing?’, well if not, then it is now!

As we start thinking about the fall, I think this is the perfect dress/outfit for cooler days. And I think it could even easily transition into winter with some tights underneath! Now THAT’S the kind of versatility I’m talking about (:

So without further ado, I hope you enjoy this OOTD and get some fall inspiration for your wardrobe as well!


It was so sunny the day I had my mom take these pictures (definitely not a bad thing)! I feel like this last picture though represents how I felt.. very ‘Walking on Sunshine-esque’ (:


Couldn’t resist the twirl. This dress is tiered and adds something totally unique to my wardrobe. Plus it’s the most fun thing in the world to spin around in. There is an ease to the fabric and shape of the dress that is so flattering and I couldn’t ask for more!


Although this definitely can be classified as ‘Just Another Fall Dress,’ I think that when you look at it up close it has a lot to offer. The pattern is beautiful and the color scheme chosen makes me so so happy as it’s still something I’m comfortable in but NOT my usual black!


Okay, I snagged these shoes at Primark for $11. Let me repeat.. ELEVEN. DOLLARS. Obviously, I can’t give them a full on 5 star review just yet, but so far, they’ve proven to be cushioned and pretty comfortable on the feet. They are a super cute faux suede material and I LOVE that they are in the color navy! The only down side so far is that there is really no tread on the bottoms so when it comes to the winter months, I’ll have to be careful around ice. But I mean, for $11? How could I even be mad!



So all-in-all, I hope you guys enjoyed yet another OOTD! I’m super sorry I couldn’t link anything but unfortunately this dress is sold out and the any dupe shoe is just way too much since these were so cheap!

If you’re on your way back to school, I wish you all the best and a great start to the year, but..

Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye

Outfit of the Day: Prints and Puddles

Outfit of the Day: Prints and Puddles

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Now, I don’t know about all y’all, but PA has been having the worst weather lately. I feel like out of the past week, at least 5/7 days were gloomy and rainy, and I am just not feeling it anymore.

So for all of the gloom and doom days that might be left for the summer, I put together a cute outfit that will keep your toes dry, your arms warm, and your legs free. Hope you enjoy!




I feel like there is nothing I love more right now than wearing my favorite color (black) with a pop of my new favorite color (pink). I think that mixing the patterned dress with a fun solid colored jacket is the cutest way to keep you dry from the rain as well as keeping you from getting the chills when coming into the summer’s blasting AC.

I got this dress years ago from H&M and it was such a steal! I can’t remember how much I paid for it but I know it wasn’t much, and it has held up wonderfully throughout time so it was definitely worth it! The jacket; however, is a new purchase from ASOS. I got it on super sale and I’ll try to link it below if it’s still on the site! It’s made of a suede material and is so comfy. It’s the perfect piece to transition into fall and the cooler months as well, so in my opinion, it’s a staple, not to mention totally being on trend! As for the boots, I also got these years ago on super sale from Marc Jacobs. I’m telling you guys, I think I literally paid less than $50 for these bad boys, and even though I don’t get to wear them that often, they are definitely one of my most favorite pairs of shoes that I own!

Dress (Similar)ย |ย Jacket (Similar)ย |ย Boots (Similar)

*Cue lots of pictures of my mom making me laugh*


I hope you all feel inspired to mix and match prints and colors on your next rainy day, and..

Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye

JSC: Summer Chrome Collection Review

JSC: Summer Chrome Collection Review

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I’m so excited to be writing this post right now, you guys really don’t even know.. I basically just received these beauty products in the mail yesterday and was itching all night while I had to take pictures and type out all my feelings to finally bring you this post! So, without further ado, let’s just dive right in to my Jeffree Star Cosmetics Summer Chrome Collection Review!

So as some of you may know, Jeffree Star recently released his Summer Chrome Collection and I just couldn’t resist the hype.

I have never order from this brand before but here’s a very quick opinion of the process just based off of my experience.

I really love the website, it’s vibrant and easy to navigate so although there are a lot of colors going on, you can easily find everything you are looking for as well as the prices being super transparent. So not only are the prices easy to see, but they are affordable as well.

Although I am a lipstick girl at heart, I have wanted nothing more than to try Jeffree’s skin frosts. So that’s exactly what I went looking for, as well as the lip scrubs because, I’m not gonna lie, every time I saw the flavors, I just genuinely could NOT pick one. They are basically three of my favorite things, whether it be from childhood or the present so I splurged and just went for all three (**spoiler: I do not regret it).

So by the time I added everything to my cart, it was almost $100 and I was surprised to see that there was still a shipping and handling fee that I had to pay. Honestly though, it’s super affordable and what I didn’t know is that it is 2-day shipping so you’re order is going to come to you superrrr fast, which as a girl who does not like to wait, I appreciate (:

Then, once the package came, I really didn’t have any expectations as to how the box would look like, but I was so pleasantly surprised with all of the packaging.

The products were delivered in a hot pink box sealed with clear Jeffree Star tape and inside each item was individually wrapped in tissue paper as well as bubble wrap.

I loved this touch because it made me feel like all of my items were super safe while being transported and it also felt like there was thought and time put into not only the product but all of the “background” stuff too.

So, as for my initial thoughts? I’m sure you can guess that so far the products and brand are getting an A+++ for me! So let’s jump into the actual products..

Velour Lip Scrubs

1. Watermelon Gum

Okay so I’m should probably have saved this one for last (because in my opinion it’s the absolute BEST, but I’m not in the business of patience today), but I absolutely LOOOOOVE this!

So this is totally random but literally like 5 years ago I tried a lip scrub from Lush and it basically totally blew my lips up. Yeah, trust me, it was not a pretty picture. So since then I have sworn off lip scrubs, but when I saw these flavors, it was like something overcame me and I just couldn’t say no!

Well let me tell you that I do not regret it. Obviously I’ve only had them for approximately 24 hours but I am most happy to report that there has been no reaction to the product what-so-ever!

So not only does the product feel super gentle and really high quality on the lips, it both tastes and smells amazing.

Throwing it back, this smells IDENTICAL to Bubble Yum watermelon gum from my childhood. Honestly, it tastes like it too. It’s delicious and it’s the most fun bubblegum pink color, perfect for summer!

I’m excited to keep trying this out and to see how this really helps not only my natural lips as well as how it helps with lipstick application (specifically matte liquid lips)!

If you could pick any of the three flavors, I would recommend this one first!


Velour Lip Scrub – Watermelon Gum

2. Blue Raspberry Sucker

Okay so this one is probably my least favorite, but that’s only if I absolutely HAD to put them in order.

The same goes for this lip scrub as the watermelon one. To put it simply, it WORKS and it’s AMAZING.

Just like the watermelon gum, this smells just like it says: like a Dum Dum Blue Raspberry lollipop!

It’s a light blue shade that tastes just as good as it looks, smells, and sounds, and this is another one I would highly recommend if you’re able to get your hands on it!

The down side to this one is that I did check the JSC website this morning and it’s looking like it’s sold out; however, maybe you might stumble across this sometime/where else and you’ll be able to add it to your collections (:


Velour Lip Scrub – Blue Raspberry Sucker

3. Orange Soda

And now because this is the last one, I’m sure you already know that this (by default) is my second favorite!

I just loooooove orange soda. I know it might not be everyone’s favorite, but I love to break up my love affair with Coke every now and again with some Fanta/Sunkist and this lip scrub smells just like the first whiff of a freshly opened can.

This one does have an orange-soda-y taste; however, it is probably the one that resembles the flavor the least, but obviously, this doesn’t bother me at all.

It is a light orange color and again, does all of the same wonderful things the first two advertise to do and more.


Velour Lip Scrub – Orange Soda

Gist of the story for these guys? I love them and I am so happy to have been able to grab them. I know that getting all three is excessive but they are so fun and flavors that I genuinely thought were so unique. I feel like although they are ‘summertime flavors’, I won’t get tired of them and will be using them all throughout the year. Plus, I know I’ll be giving at least one of them to my mom (:

At the price tag of $12, I do think they are worth it. You’re getting a lot of product for your money and it is quality so in my opinion, it is 100% worth it! So check them out if you’re interested or have been in the market for an awesome new lip scrub!


Skin Frosts

1. Summer Snowcone

Okay, so like I said I really have just been dying to try some JSC skin frosts and that is basically the reason I even picked this one.

I feel like just by looking at it, it is not a shade I would normally just pick on my own; however, I couldn’t be more pleased with the way it performs in person.

First of all, I just adore the name of this product, and I think it is a really unique and fun shade, especially for the summertime. This is definitely a color you can wear no matter the time of year, but for me (as I have really pale skin), this is best when I’m nice and tan.

It has beautiful, gold color payoff and is pigmented as fudge to say the least. It is buildable, but honestly, a little goes a long way and you’ll be practically blinding someone with your highlight with just one swipe onto the cheek bones.

In this case, the blinding highlight is a good thing. Even though it is definitely there because of makeup, it has a natural-ness to it that I really appreciate. It is just beautiful AND glam all at the same time.

Secondly, the amount of product you get is huge (for only $29, shut. up.) and I know I won’t feel guilty when I start dousing my body in this highlighter because I feel like it has the potential to last me basically forever.

And, P.S. I think this looks the most gorgeous as a dusting on collarbones and shoulders, ugh, I die.

But to sum everything up.. I have nothing like this and am so happy to have been able to add it to my collection. Check it out!


Skin Frost – Summer Snowcone

2. Crystal Ball

Now this one is a little more in my comfort zone. It is an icy white highlighter that I feel would go good with my skin tone no matter what the season is (AKA, I don’t need to be kind of tan).

I love this one, even though I might light the Summer Snowcone more, especially as this one seems to have a duo-chrome shift to it.

Just like the previous skin frost, this is so pigmented and beautiful on the skin. I think this one is a little less natural but still very unique and definitely something to add to the collection.

This is another highlighter I had nothing like, so for me, this was worth the purchase. Like I mentioned before, you are getting a lot of product for what you are paying for, and the quality is honestly outstanding, which makes me feel like it’s all worth it in the long run!


Skin Frost – Crystal Ball


All in all, I’m so pleased with the products I got from this collection. I love the metallic, chrome packaging that everything came in and I think that everything I got is super unique and something that will not only last but add to any one’s makeup collection.

I think that Jeffree has an amazing brand that he built and I really can’t wait to see all of the future collections that will be coming out.

I know that I can definitely say that I will 100% be purchasing more from this brand and I hope it has inspired you guys to maybe check some of the products out as well!

P.P.S. Get them before they’re gone!

But until next time..

xx.Britani Skye