Is ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ *REALLY* Worth It?

Is ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ *REALLY* Worth It?

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today on the blog is another storytime/review hybrid that I wanted to set free into the world, as it’s something some of us probably idealize on the daily.. a boujee Sunday brunch surrounded by your socialite friends and a neck dripping with pearls.. or maybe that’s just me? I’m not sure, but I’m going to give y’all the 411 on what it’s ACTUALLY like to snag a spot in the coveted Blue Box Cafe and if it’s really worth it! So stay tuned and let’s jump right into it!

Okay, so as you all know, I’m fortunate enough to say I get to go to the city lots of times each year. So of course, I like to keep each time interesting and am always looking for new (and instagram-worthy) things to do! This time around, the Blue Box Cafe had my attention.

To be honest, I didn’t know much about it, other than that I wanted to go, so I did a super quick search for it on the inter-webs and quickly learned these are reservations you need to make 30 days in advance. Of course, that’s no biggie, but that’s also really important to know if you want to live it up in this little cafe for the day. Tables open up at 9 a.m. EST for the next month and let me tell y’all, they go quick. It definitely helps to have your credit card info saved on your computer and to know exactly what time you’d like to go and how many people will be attending before the reservations are made available. Otherwise, you’ll just be scrambling around and gasping like a fish out of water when all of a sudden ‘I’m sorry, but this time slot is no longer available’ pops up on your screen. So yes, have a plan A, B, C, and maybe even D if you want to be super prepared, because chances are the time you want to go is the time everyone else wants to go too and spoiler alert.. the cafe is NOT that big so the tables will get swiped up in no time flat.

Also, it’s important to note you probably can’t just walk into Tiffany’s and expect to have a table if you didn’t make the reservation. I watched them turn down multiple people who were trying to butter up the hostesses, and unfortunately unless you know someone mega important, I truly don’t think they’ll even bat an eye at having to tell y’all no.

So anyways, stressful reservation making aside, I had a table for my boyfriend and I on March 24th for 1:15pm. Mission Accomplished.

Okay so fast forward to the actual day in NYC. Seth and I arrived with a few minutes to spare and we were taken up in the elevator to the fourth floor. To actually get to the cafe itself, you have to walk through the first part of the floor which is littered with sparkly china, smelly candles, and keepsake mugs. Finally, you get to the hostess and upon confirmation of your name, they seat you pretty promptly.

Like I said, the cafe is TINY. I don’t know why I didn’t expect this, but it couldn’t have been more than 1/4 of the entire floor. It maybe held 20 tables tops and not every table could fit more than two people. That being said, I fell in love with the ambiance almost immediately. It’s sophisticated, very aesthetically pleasing, and a combination of calm, liveliness all at the same time.

They have everything set out for you at the table when you arrive, it’s the classic Tiffany blue plates and mugs in combination with an Erlenmeyer flask holding two flowers in the middle of the table. I’d be lying if I told you it wasn’t pretty to look at, but get your insta pics quick because as soon as they know what you want to eat they swipe it all up and take it away from the table. This low-key devastated me. I had barely been in the cafe more than 5-10 minutes and I already missed my first opportunity to capture what I came for.

The menu they have is pretty simple. For each category they have a few options to choose from. Breakfast is $29, lunch is $39, and drinks/desserts have their own individual pricing. Seth and I decided on lunch considering our reservation was in the late afternoon and I think we were both hungry for something that was more along the lines of a meal than just some classic brekkie, although yes, I do know I’m letting all my ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ fans down by settling for anything OTHER than the avocado toast, scone, and tea assortment offered.

For drinks, we both ordered a refresher. Sethy went with the Emerald and I went with the Red Opal Spritz. The former consisted of honeydew, cucumber, parsley, and granny smith apples while the latter consisted of cranberry, lime, and honey. I wasn’t blown away by the drinks. I thought Sethy’s was weird because of the parsley and mine was a little sour, but they were cute and I guess a part of the experience. Alone, I probably wouldn’t drink them again, but with some food, they weren’t the worst.

We both went for the Blue Box Chopped Salad as our starter. To be honest? It was actually pretty good. I’m a particularly picky eater and this seemed to be the safest thing on the starter menu for me. It’s basically some leafy greens, bell peppers, feta cheese, and sriracha. The portion size is pretty small, but considering the main dish is still to come I wasn’t particularly bothered by that.

Then, for the main part of our meal, I ordered the Fifty-Seventh Street Flatbread and Sethy ordered the CLT club sandwich. So, like, hear me out. I ordered the flatbread with tomato and fresh mozzarella… and like the fool that I am, I expected it to be raw. So when they bring out the epitome of a pizza, I’m literally shocked (for more reasons than one). First of all, I gave up pizza for lent, and like, HOW am I supposed to just tell the people at Tiffany’s that I just can’t eat this? I can’t. And secondly, WHY is Tiffany’s making pizza? Isn’t it a little boujee for that? Nevertheless, I’m not proud to admit this.. but it was delicious. I’m not saying it beats a slice of greasy pizzaria pizza (shoutout to Prince Street), but it was yummy either way. I would say Seth’s sandwich was just okay. I kind of thought it was lacking flavor and honestly I think he might agree.


**Bonus Jonas: Peep the look on my face the moment I realized I ordered a pizza during lent**

So by the end of the meal, can I say it was really worth $39 per person + what we paid for drinks? No. It’s really not.

The food is okay, it’s nothing special. To be the most honest, I would have probably been happier with a Taco Bell $5 box and a Baja Blast Freeze. The service is suuuuuper slow and the people working don’t really treat the customers as though those in ‘fine dining’ would. Not only that, but sometimes the lighting depending on where you are sitting is kind of wonky and therefore the instagram pictures that you’re probably going for are hard to get and the ones you do get might leave you unsatisfied.

Of course, there’s no way to know all this and I think the experience was worth while, but rest assured, that’s probably the first and last time I’ll ever be going and I don’t even think I would recommend this before some of my other favorite cafes in the city to my friends.

But what do you guys think? Have you been there and what are your opinions? Is it worth it for a die-hard fan? A boujee brunch lover? Or is it all just hype? Let me know in the comments below (:

P.S. Enjoy this very brief picture featuring my outfit for the day! The dress is from ASOS and I was seriously head-over-heels obsessed after first sight!



Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye


Storytime: Romping with Rhinos

Storytime: Romping with Rhinos

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today on Manhattan Skye let’s all say a big hallelujah to the Earth and I’ll tell you a quick little story time about my new friend Tony, a 16 year old Southern White Rhinoceros living at the Philadelphia Zoo (Originally from Texas, and named Antonio, he had to be called something a little more Philadelphia-ized).

Okay, now hear me out, I know it’s low-key twisted to be visiting a zoo on Earth Day, but that’s what went down and so obviously I had to make the best of it. Also, fun fact, rhinos have been my favorite animals since like the 5th grade and I was beyond thrilled to see that the zoo offered a behind the scenes tour with their very sweet rhino.

Also, a quick disclaimer** I am by no means advocating for rhinos as pets, although I do, and will continue to, describe Tony to you all as a big dog. I know and recognize that he is a wild animal, and that in my heart all animals like this belong in the wild; however, I cannot deny that experiences like these are special and may even be necessary to inspire a movement in people. Okay.. enough of that, let’s get to the main event: My main man, Tony. (:

Now, from the website you kind of get the gist that the rhino likes to be brushed but you don’t really get much else. I kind of went in with the mind set that I most likely wouldn’t be able to touch it directly with my hands and that the whole experience might be 10 minutes tops, but I’m so happy to say that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Basically, once there we were taken behind the gates and met with Tony’s keeper. She was eager to answer any questions from the group and definitely was an expert in rhinos, she was seriously able to answer anything! She then briefed us pretty quickly on how we should brush Tony once he comes over and that we were even encouraged to rub him with our hands as well if we wanted.

And just like that we were out and behind a few poles waiting for Tony’s arrival. His keeper told us that he’s trained by audio cues considering rhinos’ eyesight is so poor. So when she rings the bell, he’s expected to come to wherever the noise is. Honestly? It wasn’t looking good for a little while. Tony was just chilling in his area and was doing a pretty good job at ignoring his cue. I kind of had to get a laugh out of that though because they prefaced the meeting by saying he’s basically a big dog, and I know my dog at home would do the same thing. Whenever you want them to listen, they do the exact opposite..

But after the third bell ring, Tony was up and on his way over to us.

In addition to being taught to come in response to an audio cue, he’s also taught to stand at a certain distance from the barrier in order to get his behavior reinforced with pets. His keeper let us know that he isn’t particularly food motivated but that he really loves getting rubbed and that’s why we got to help with that; however, if Tony ever got too far from the poles we had to stop petting him so that he knew being at that length was wrong.

Being up close to a rhino is just so incredible. You see them in a way you never would just in pictures or videos alone. I noticed things like their eyelashes, the little hairs sticking up from his horn, the texture of his skin and how it changes from tough to soft depending on whether its on his back or face, and even how adorably shaped his big feet were.

IMG_0451Processed with VSCO with a7 presetProcessed with VSCO with a7 preset

After he had enough of our brushing on one side, Tony let us know it was time to switch it up and he did a little half circle so we could get the other side. He was just so sweet. Depending on where his face was, his keeper let us touch around his forehead and cheek area. He wasn’t a fan of his ears being scratched but they were just another thing about him that made me fall in love — the way they swiveled to their surrounding sounds and how he would react to beeping noises echoing throughout the zoo was just one of the things that would sometimes catch it attention. He was just so aware and smart, and had his very own personality. It was just the best. He was truly a big goober as his keeper might say.

His keeper also taught us how he rubs down his horn himself against the poles and the wood posts around his enclosure, as well as the little toys he has to push around. She showed us how depending upon the way he plays in his enclosure, how he also sometimes will hurt himself. More specifically, he uses his forehead to spar and sometimes will get little scrapes and scratches there because of it.

After plenty of pets, rubs, pictures, and memories it was sadly time to say goodbye to Tony. Since he had moved a little far from the poles we had to stand behind, we all shook his horn and thanked him for being so wonderful. We were led away from his enclosure and taken back into the main part of the zoo where we continued to enjoy the rest of our day.


Overall, I really enjoyed my time at the Philly Zoo. Honestly, there are moments that I do feel sad because an animals looks as though it wants to be somewhere else, but I have hope that they have keepers who care and want to do what is best for them despite the situation. It’s been such a long time since I had last been, that I forgot exactly what they had there and I truly loved getting to watch how the animals interacted with one another (especially the monkeys).

Processed with VSCO with a7 presetIMG_2109

At the end of the day, if I could recommend anything to you all, it would just be to take the time to explore these animals more. They are in danger of becoming extinct and their protection is so important. So for the sake of wanting to show my great grandchildren one day the beautifulness that is the rhino (or whatever animal you may be passionate about) let’s all just take a moment to recognize what the problem is and try to make conscious decisions on how we can help/move forward.

I know this was a quick little story time, but it was such a fun experience that I wanted to let you all know! Maybe there are behind the scene tours at your local zoo, as well as ways to get involved in the preservation/conservation of species close to home! Let me know what you think in the comments below, as well as what your favorite animal is!

I’ll be seeing y’all in the next one, but..

Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye